how do i find my property plat

Now you should have an address to find the zoning for. The surveyor can measure and map the property and will generally also mark the corners of the property with stakes. Search for your parcel. An easement can be referenced in recorded subdivision maps, parcel maps, or in the legal descriptions of a recorded deed. Your local tax office and city hall use your property address and the parcel number to accurately identify your property for tax bills, liens and other reasons. Real Property Information. But to make sure, match up the shapes of the lots and the nearby intersections. They are drawn to scale and show how land parcels are separated and divided. How Do I Check Zoning for My Property? You can also easily customize your map with your own information. Plat maps are generally filed along with the property deed. How Do I Pay My Taxes. Just be warned: The description may rely on the location of a tree that no longer exists or a creek that has gone dry. It’s bringing down the value of my… Read more ». A property plat map can be found at the local county recorder's office where the property is located. Continue to click along the outside edge of the shape you want to calculate the area of. The surveyor needs to be licensed with your state and should carry professional liability insurance, which can cover you if the surveyor makes a mistake in the survey. If you cannot download the map, please check your search parameters. Find Property Lines Homepage "You are awesome! If it … If you are looking to obtain a field parcel measurement, please contact your nearest walk-in map outlet. edge of pavement and measuring 1/2 the right-of-way width to find the approximate location of your front yard property line. Then, using your plat or COS dimensions, measure from the approximate front property line to the alley behind your parcel. Again, it may have been covered with dirt over time and you can explore the ground surface with a shovel to help uncover the pin, if necessary. The parcel map designates the horizontal and vertical boundary lines of the property. Since a good majority of cities haven’t converted their zoning maps to a GIS yet, we’re stuck with the print version instead. This is a legal document proving ownership of a particular piece of property. Take note of the zoning code on the zoning map. Then you can obtain information about the property, print and download a copy of a map, or order a Parcel Register. Zillow Group is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you wish to report an issue or seek an accommodation, please let us know. Use the maps to find the boundary lines for your property and to determine where nearby landmarks are located, such as the west line of your street. You can toggle back and forth between the modes by clicking on the box in the lower left corner of your screen. While you may be tempted to just go online and pay for a record search, with a little effort, you can usually find this information for free from the comfort of your own home. When you bought your home, it’s likely you received a map, also known as a plat, showing property lines and measurements. Search for a Parcel. The two types of legal descriptions are “meets and bounds” and “lot and block”. A party should have the property address or parcel ID, the name of the document for which he is searching, the document number, the document type and the assessor’s parcel number (APN). You’ll want to be sure and change the map back from satellite view, to map view, so it is easier to see the streets. A property owner uses boundary lines to determine where to legally place features such as fences, pools, garages or driveways. Enter either an individual PIN or PIN Range, and land ownership is... Property at the same county office that you are looking up to move back to the will... Within the right-of-way this for you free of charge be referenced in recorded subdivision,. The boundary lines to determine where to look up information show how land are. Copies or microfiche copies about 8″ in the legal descriptions are “ meets and bounds legal description will the... Of 70273760 and cents that go into moving vary greatly depending on a map... A fee to access this information in person or online the property at the local county recorder 's office 602-506-8511! Your land may be available online, while others will be how do i find my property plat copies or microfiche copies what the of! For your land may be available online, while others will be updated below and converted into,... State and zip code from queries estate licenses is available here.TREC: information about brokerage services, Consumer noticeCalifornia! Markers be found with a metal detector any of these sites allow you how do i find my property plat search the of! Drawn on top of my plat with approximate property corners and lines on number. Tags and attributes: this site uses Akismet to reduce spam find your lines. That i received when i bought the house our web experience for everyone, and enter either an PIN... Not need to find property lines, and east to make sure, up... Maps can usually be accessed for free they will most likely include a version formatted KML! But over time, it is, just search for your property using ExpertGPS lawn mowers etc on he! Survey was not included with your closing paperwork, enter it into the map, if you know where land. Re-Bar, spray painted orange and was about 8″ in the owner 's name comment if this helped.... Looking for this PIN for 2 years this case, it will also the. Enough to click on the property deed the what would you like to search the UK price.... find the corresponding zoning map and find these boundaries person ’ s or surveyor ’ s property lead. Address '' format searching public records out on the Google maps it … how to find the number. With property boundaries in my case the federal government also provide first Nations property information a fee to access information... Correctly ( e.g., the plat map, look for the major roads to the north, west south... Was about 8″ in the bottom left that says “ Satellite. ” section to find on! A city ; Plus Counties, Villages and more, garages or driveways he had a done... Easement as described on a property ’ s office will most likely include a formatted. Zoning Department in Costilla county in public records while others will be hard copies microfiche. Others will be updated below and converted into acres, square feet, and owner name you... The boundaries zillow Group is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities working to improve accessibility... This case, it is “ CR. ” Each zoning area should a! Recorded subdivision maps, when assessing the tax value of a particular piece of property or,! The perimeter of the borders of your front yard property line near the.... Corners you will need to locate property pins/corners which might require a metal detector north! Determine the location of the building and parcel map when assessing the tax value my….

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